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Lengthen, strengthen, align and tone your body with ballet and pilates inspired exercises on the floor in this class for women. Floor Barre is excellent for toning abdominals, hips, glutes and legs. Muscles are isolated so they can be targeted more effectively than in a standing class. There is no pressure on wrists or knees as all exercises are performed lying on the front, back or side of the body. This class will sculpt the body, strengthen your core, improve coordination and help correct alignment.

Floor Barre is:

  • suitable for all levels of fitness
  • a floor based workout
  • suitable for people who cannot weight bear on hands and/or knees
  • focused on building strength in hips, legs, glutes and abdominals

 What to wear/ bring?

Something that's not too tight and allows you to move freely. This class is best done wearing socks so that you can slide your feet on the floor. Please bring a yoga or exercise mat (that can be folded in half).

How much does it cost?

My 50 minute class costs £5 or you can buy a 10 class passcard for £45.

Please note that the class fee is payable in the event of cancellation within 12 hours of the class start time or for not attending when booked.

Do I need to book?

Yes, please click below to book online. You can book from Thursday each week.

Online appointments by Smoothbook

New customers must complete a very short health questionnaire, just click HERE to go to the secure online form.

Will it be too difficult or too easy for me?

In this type of class, you can either work very hard or not very hard at all, depending on how you engage your muscles. For example, if you sit with your legs straight out in front, with feet turned out at 10 to 2 in 1st position, it's not very difficult. Then try sitting up tall, lifting your ribcage, squeezing your thighs together and holding your arms in front of you...that is much harder. If any of the exercises are too challenging there are options to make movements less intense and you always listen to your body, resting when you need to. 

Is there anyone that shouldn't come to the class?

No under 14s, no pregnant ladies and it's unsuitable if you have had a recent hip replacement and still have restrictions on the range of your hip movements.

If you have recently given birth, please wait until your doctor gives you permission to resume exercise activities.  If you have given birth within the last year, please do let me know.

If you have a diagnosed back/ joint condition please contact me. Please let me know about recent injuries or surgery. 

What will I gain from coming?

Increased strength and tone in abdominals, glutes, legs and hips. Improved alignment and coordination. Improved flexibility through developmental stretching and tension release. 

What happens during the class?

We begin with a seated mobility warm up to lubricate and mobilise joints. The class is choreographed to music and you will either be lying on your back, front or side. The class finishes with a developmental stretch.


This is a very safe class and can help in the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. There is no pressure on wrists or knees and no stress on the joints. 

Eating prior to class

It is advisable not to eat a full meal less than three hours before class as it can make it uncomfortable to lie on your front during the class.

Please go to the Timetable to see when and where this class is on and please do get in touch if you have any questions.