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Fitness Yoga targets flexibility, stability and strength. It is a fitness programme that incorporates deep stretch, yoga postures and modern evidence based fitness practices.
Every element of Fitness Yoga is validated from a fitness perspective. Anyone taking part in a Fitness Yoga class can expect to improve their flexibility within 8 weeks. Fitness Yoga is not a spiritual experience. It mimics Yoga in its breathing and style, offering postures that endorse strength and stability. There is no dogma, chanting or philosophy attached to this workout.

Fitness Yoga is:

  • suitable for all levels of fitness and for both men and women
  • suitable for both beginners and more advanced participants 
  • a class with mainly standing or body weight postures with some seated exercises
  • a more challenging class than my yoga class
  • focused on building strength and core stability


What to wear/ bring?

Something that's not too tight and allows you to move freely. You can do Fitness Yoga in your bare feet, yoga shoes or if you prefer to wear socks they should be non-slip (yoga or pilates socks are ideal). Please bring a yoga mat.

How much does it cost?

My Fitness Yoga class costs £6 or you can buy 10 classes for £50.

New customers must complete a very short health questionnaire, just click HERE to go to the secure online form.

Will it be too difficult for me?

You are free to go at your own pace, self modify where required and progress with time. Please always try a class such as Fitness Yoga for at least 8 weeks so that you can start to see the benefits and the positive changes in your muscle strength and flexibility. It can actually feel strange at first if you are not familiar with yoga poses, it can feel wrong before it feels right. 

Will it be too easy for me?

No! There are lots of ways that you can make the postures more challenging.

Is it different from conventional yoga?

Yes. It is FITNESS yoga. It is not a spiritual experience, it is a contemporary approach to an ancient format. Fitness Yoga takes yoga postures and modifies them to be purely fitness-based. Extreme postures are also avoided and there is no chanting or meditations.

Is there anyone that shouldn't come to the class?

No under 14s or pregnant women.

If you have recently given birth, please wait until your doctor gives you permission to resume exercise activities. If you have given birth within the last year, please do let me know.

If you have a diagnosed back/ joint condition or if you suffer from dizziness/ fainting please contact me. Please let me know about recent injuries or surgery. 

What will I gain from coming?

You should start to see benefits within 8 weeks. You should see improvements in muscle strength and endurance, increased flexibility and stronger core stability muscles. You may also see beneficial changes in your posture. It is a brilliant way to tone up your entire body and also help prevent injuries due to the changes in your flexibility.

What happens during the class?

We begin with a mobility warm up to lubricate joints and then start developing heat in the body. We then move to sun salutations to heat the body further before moving to a sequence of yoga postures, finishing with some seated exercises. Please arrive in time to be ready to start at the advertised start time. If you need to leave early for any reason please do so quietly so as to not disturb other participants.


I will advise about safe ways to practice postures. It is up to you to listen to your body and practice with care and mindfulness. Everyone's body is different. By tuning into your body you can tailor your practice to suit your body type within the constraints of the instruction. If you experience any pain whilst practising, release out of the posture and let me know. If you experience pain after practising remember to tell me before your next class. Real pain is different from the expected sensation in muscles when they are working hard and also the tension you might feel stretching tight muscles.

Eating prior to class

It is advisable not to eat a full meal less than three hours before a class, as it impacts on your digestion, making it uncomfortable for you during the class. If you get hungry or know that you feel weak if you don't eat, have a small snack before but try to leave at least 30 minutes between eating and starting the class. 

Please see the Timetable to check when it's on. Go to the booking page to book a class and please do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view if you have any questions.