online classes

Classes are available online, in a private Facebook group. Even if you don't normally use Facebook, it's quick and easy to set up an account so you can access the classes.

Every month there is a selection of 'Facebook Live' classes and there is also a library of saved recorded classes. At any given time, there are 30-40 classes that you can access. You can choose from a variety of different Yoga classes, Zumba of different intensities, Zumba Gold, Legs Bums and Tums and more.

The cost is currently:

£14 for September 2020


£7 for 72 hour access

Copy of Festive Holiday Classes

This cost will be lower when regular classes resume as there will be less live classes in the group. If we are part way through a month, the cost of joining for that month is the same. If you are interested just drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that I can give you my bank details and I'll get you added to the group.

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