“Love Zumba! Your choreography is fantastic, I dance around and sing along."

“I love your Yoga Lynne, it's great for toning and balance.”

“I always feel great after a Yoga class, both mentally and physically. It's also great value for money!”

“Whole body easier after Kinetic Chain Release, I didn't realise how tense I was. Lower back pain has now eased off and I'm feeling psychologically so much more positive.  Life much better, thank you.”

“Zumba is great fun and your Yoga class fixed my back!”

“Love your classes as they're always fun and challenging! Sunday Zumba got me back into exercising again after child number 2 and it's still my favourite.”

“Love love love your Zumba and Zumba Step classes.”

“I love your Fitness Yoga class Lynne. It is a great workout for body and mind and I love that you do passcards rather than having to commit to a term of classes, so I can fit it round busy work and home life.”

“Love your Yoga and body conditioning classes. They have made such a difference to my balance and weak ankle, that I have been able to ski again and start taekwondo."

“I am so happy that my shoulder is back to normal and amazed that I am sleeping so well. I feel revitalised, more energy and less joint pain after Kinetic Chain Release.”

"I feel a lot better energy wise and my clothes are definitely looser after following the Progress Food programme. I think the plan is easy to follow and really good value, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. As well as kick starting the weight loss it's definitely made me think about how and why I eat and drink what I did."

“Tried the Yoga. It was my first ever Yoga class and I loved it. I felt very comfortable in the class, everyone was very welcoming and there were always alternatives for newbies like me. Fantastic class.”

“I love the body conditioning classes as they challenge me and leave me feeling positive afterwards!"

“I enjoyed the KCR treatment and felt really good afterwards, but best of all was the increased flexibility in my left hip and it no longer ached. Fantastic!” 

 “The Monday morning Zumba class sets me up for a great day. It is fun and a good workout suitable for all ages"

“I have been going to Lynne’s Yoga classes for a long time, I love them. Lynne makes keeping flexible and muscle toned easy with lots of variety. It’s not fitness, it’s fun!”

“Having never tried Zumba before, I had no idea what to expect. I left my first class with a huge smile on my face and a new addiction to Zumba! You don’t have to be able to dance to join in, you just need to turn up and have fun! Lynne is a great instructor and her routines include something for everyone – a great workout.  I’m now loving the Fitness Yoga too – a great toning combo with the Zumba!”

“At last, exercise classes that really are fun – a great way to keep in shape and make new friends.”

“I’ve never been one for exercise classes and certainly not any kind of dance class, but Lynne’s Zumba classes are brilliant fun. I have been attending her classes for over a year now and have definitely noticed an improvement in my fitness.”

“KCR balanced me, relaxed me and eased the extremely painful trapped nerve in my right shoulder. All in one treatment! Plus the added benefit of being treated by Lynne who took the time to understand the pain I was in and put me at ease about what the treatment entailed.”

"Thank you all for your recipes and comments, it has made it so much easier to follow the Progress Food programme.  I was surprised how supportive something online can be! I'm really glad to be eating such a healthy diet now. I started with a target weight in mind but as the weeks went on I am happy to say that I stopped focusing on this and instead on how much better I felt."

“Great music, great dance routines, an hour of fun as well as fitness – and my brain gets a workout along with my body! An excellent class for anyone interested in Zumba (and the best bit…….you can never get it wrong!!!!)”

“Lynne’s classes are a great workout! Had such a buzz for the rest of the day.  It’s the first time I’ve actually looked forward to an exercise class – bring on next week!”

“I love Lynne’s Zumba classes. Finally, exercise that I really enjoy.  I forget that I’m exercising and just feel like I’m out dancing!  So much fun!”

“Yoga is new to me and my back feels so good after only 2 classes. Thank you Lynne”

“I really enjoyed today’s class, it is the first time I have done yoga and it felt great! I will definitely be back next week.”

“Zumba is energetic and fun. Zumba Step makes me smile and sweat! Fitness Yoga helps to build up my strength and keeps muscles toned. Your classes are all so friendly. Love them!"

“Really enjoying Zumba and Yoga with Lynne, she is very interested in each of us, always taking time to demonstrate or chat about any concerns we might have.”